Welcome To

Cheyenne Holistic Healing

"Wearable Magickal Art" 

      A little about myself:     

    I am Cheyenne (Shy-en)  Owens

     Owner & Creator of   

 "Cheyenne Holistic Healing"

          Amateur Artist (acrylic paint)


      I was born on Vancouver Island, B.C. and have lived on the Island for my whole life

   (1959 work it out, lol)

     I have travelled to Europe, across Canada and the Western part of USA & Mexico

     I always come home, and now I am nesting I suppose.  

     I worked as a Bookkeeper for 20 years, and now I can express myself as an amateur Artist and Herbalist

 Through my life I have been living, breathing and walking the Path of the Wicca

The first time I was ever called a “Witch”.…I was six. I am Thankful, Grateful and Blessed

to be part of a Coven of Spiritual Beings having a Human experience together,

 as a Sisterhood,  for our "Highest Good".

 I enjoy a Nature based lifestyle, aspiring to live in the moment....

with Positive Intentions & Harm to None,

Blessed Be 

                      "Laughter is the Best Medicine!"               

    Experience each moment  

Stay if you Will, Go if you Must

  In Mother Earth's Healing Hands

                                                                                       " I" Trust                                                                                                                                                        



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