Cheyenne Holistic                 Healing



 Only a physician can diagnose, treat, and prescribe for illness or disease.
                                            "I do not diagnoses nor treat disease." 
The human body has the innate power to heal itself. Without this power to self-heal, even the most
advanced medications and procedures would ultimately fail. The role of the herbalist in this healing
process is to consider the client as a whole person maximizing the body's self-healing capabilities.
I encourage and advise customers to seek professional medical advice regarding any illness or disease
 they are suffering from.  Any concerns about your health and supplementation with herbs should be
done in consultation with your physician.
Although speculative interactions between herbs and drugs are sometimes publicized, confirmed cases
are rare. It is the responsibility of the client to discuss with their physician possible interactions of
herbal supplements.
Cheyenne Holistic Healing is not liable for any possible adverse reactions and side effects of the
herbal supplements you decide to take. The customer must accept ownership and responsibility for
their own health; including negative consequences and positive outcomes.
                Thank you, Cheyenne