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 "Cheyenne" (Shy-en)

                                                    Chartered Herbalist 

                                                 (Complimentary Medicine)     

                                                Herbal Wise Woman  




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                                 Chartered Herbalist Diploma

                                   Graduated 2002

                                 About Dominion Herbal College

Dominion Herbal College was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1926 by naturopathic physician Dr. Herbert Nowell.

Dr. Nowell taught Botanical Medicine to medical doctors prior to 1918 when such medicine was accepted and

practiced by the medical profession. Dr. Nowell’s knowledge in Herbal Medicine was admired and appreciated by

doctors in England, Canada and the United States.

All systems of the body are covered including the musculoskeletal,, cardiovascular, digestive, urinary, integumentary, nervous and reproductive systems.

 Pathology and etiology of disease, general assessment and examination methods.

 History of herbalism, fundamentals, principles and factors of scientific medicine, dietary considerations and herbal remedy preparations

compounded and used in treatment. Botany, constituents, plant parts used and contra-indications. Approximately 200 North American,

western and European herbs are included. Herbal stimulants, tonics, diuretics, diaphoretics, sudorifics, expectorants, demulcents, nervines,

 antispasmodics, alternatives, anti scorbutics astringents, cathartics, purgatives, anthelmics, emmenagogues and selected herbal formulae

for various ailments. Symptoms of acute and chronic disease with the treatment and care of various conditions giving instructions and

herbal formulae. When to gather various herbs and how to mature them for use, nomenclature, prescription writing, phrases and abbreviations.